Current list of PDTs

This page provides a link to PDTs held by CIBSE and Landscape Institute - other developers hold copies of their PDTs.

The PDTs (developed through CIBSE) for consultation can be seen on the CIBSE web site (and are shown at the end of this page)

A indicative 'wish-list' of PDTs is held on the CIBSE website but the actual finally developed list is likely to reach beyond that list.

Air DiffuserPublishedMar-15CIBSE
Air HeaterPublishedAug-15CIBSE
Bat/bird boxPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Bollard, illuminatingPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Bollard, non-IlluminatingPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Bound surfacingPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Cooling CoilPublishedAug-15CIBSE
External seatPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Fence panelPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
FloraPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
GatePublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Growing mediaPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Growing media: green roof substratesPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Growing media: topsoilPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Heat DetectorPublishedMar-15CIBSE
Heater BatteryPublishedAug-15CIBSE
Isolation ValvePublishedMar-15CIBSE
Paving blockPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Plant seedPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
PlanterPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Plate Heat ExchangerPublishedAug-15CIBSE
Play equipmentPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
PostPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Site binPublishedMar-15Landscape Institute
Smoke DetectorPublishedMar-15CIBSE
UV SteriliserPublishedAug-15CIBSE
Valve IsolatingPublishedMar-15CIBSE

Draft PDTs Currently (or recently) Under Public Consultation

Break GlassConsultationUntil 8th Jan '17CIBSE
Buffer VesselConsultationUntil 8th Jan '17CIBSE
Busbar SystemsConsultationUntil 7th Jan '16CIBSE
Cable Ladder SystemsConsultationUntil 7th Jan '16CIBSE
Cable Tray SystemsConsultationUntil 7th Jan '16CIBSE
Cavity Floor Grommets ConsultationUntil 7th Jan '16CIBSE
CO2 MonitorConsultationUntil 8th Jan '17CIBSE
Electrical LV Panel ConsultationUntil 8th Jan '17CIBSE
Energy MeterConsultationUntil 8th Jan '17CIBSE
Fan Convector UnitConsultationUntil 10th Dec '16CIBSE
Powertrack SystemsConsultationUntil 7th Jan '16CIBSE
Sprinkler HeadConsultationUntil 10th Dec '16CIBSE
Trench HeaterConsultationUntil 10th Dec '16CIBSE