Developing the PDTs

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The currently available PDTs have been written by volunteers (working alongside the CIBSE BIM Group) and given to CIBSE.

The PDTs held on the CIBSE website only cover building services products and comprise only a fraction of the full list of product types held on the CIBSE web site that will be needed by this sector (the current list of templates is a work in progress and we expect this list to grow). There is no possibility that the full set can be completed by them. So promulgation depends on manufacturers and preferably, trade associations, preparing PDTs for the missing product types using the master template as a base that is available through the CIBSE website … in the 'More about PDTs' section - an Excel format file

If you are willing to be involved in writing templates for any listed building service products please email to obtain CIBSE’s consent before starting. If no one else is signed up already, CIBSE will agree a timetable with you for your draft and give you a ‘mentor’ to contact if you get stuck!

Your finished draft PDT must be sent to CIBSE for approval. Since the only purpose of PDTs is to create one cross-industry standard for data on a product type, on approval, you agree unconditionally to ‘gift’ the PDT to CIBSE - as the ‘custodian’ of all the PDTs covering the building services industry. CIBSE will acknowledge you as author on the published version of the PDT.