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General sites

Institution Sites

Government Associated Sites

  • UK BIM Task Group BIM Maturity Level 2 website launched April 2016 to provide a common and clear point of reference for BIM documentation, standards and guidance.
  • BIM Task Group - (UK Gov) - frequently maintained until the latter part of 2015
  • digital-built-britain.com - the UK Gov website that charts the progress and announces initiatives of the digital economy for the UK construction industry
  • UK Government Construction Strategy is the framework which that aimed tp reduce the cost of government construction projects by 15-20% by the end of the 2015 Parliament. Published in May 2011, 2 July 2012, the One Year On report and Action Plan update were published
  • EU BIM Task Group led by UK BIS
  • Singapore's BCA BIM fund looks to accelerate BIM integration
  • GSA - US Gov General Services Administration - early BIM adopters - lots of useful info

UK sector focussed groups (BIM4.... groups) associated with the work of BIMTaskGroup

  • Behaviours 4 Collaboration To facilitate collaborative working relationships within the UK construction sector in order to increase BIM level 3 adoption with the resultant benefits identified including innovation in construction. 
  • BIM Technology Alliance Support for open standards and the BIM workflow
  • BIM2050 Positively influencing the future of the industry through education, process and technology.
  • BIM4Academia Group Scottish group of academic BIM interests
  • BIM4DataCentres @bim4dc BIM 4 Data Centres (UK) was formed to provide a forum to promote and share knowledge on BIM between its members
  • BIM4FitOut @BIM4FItOut Formed by FIS to address the impact of BIM on the fit out and finishes sector
  • BIM4FM To champion facilities management’s involvement with Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects
  • BIM4Health Working to raise BIM adoption in healthcare
  • BIM4Housing @BIM4Housing A cross-industry group open to all organisations involved in the design, construction, management and delivery of housing, both private and affordable
  • BIM4IUK @BIM4IUK An industry forum for organisations and professionals to share their journey putting ‘BIM into practice’
  • BIM4LG A dedicated resource tailored to assist Local Government Authorities 
  • BIM4M2 @BIM4M2 A working group consisting of people and organisations concerned with BIM for manufacturers (the organisations) and manufacturing (the process)
  • BIM4Regs - working on integrating Building Regulations into BIM models
  • BIM4Retail Working with the retail sector
  • BIM4SME @BIM4SME An organisation who is responsible for providing resource, best practices and knowledge to small and medium companies to get them ready for 2016 and embark on the construction industry’s journey to deliver efficiencies in cost and value by sharing information
  • BIM4Water A cross-industry group open to all organisations involved in the management and delivery of water and wastewater assets
  • Survey4BIM Survey4BIM is a cross-industry group open to all organisations involved in the survey, collection, management, processing and delivery of geospatial information within a BIM context.

Software Sites

  • Andekan creates BIM object families and offers consultancy for architects, engineers, and product manufacturers
  • Autodesk's (US) BIM page (Supplier of Autocad/Revit family of products) - the Autodesk University contains an excellent resource of video lectures that inform far beyond the constraints of Autodesk products
  • Bentley's BIM page (Supplier of Microstation family of products)
  • BIMSync A powerful and web-based collaboration tool (that requires no plugins for the web browser)
  • DesignBuilder Energy analysis and simulation tools
  • Graphisoft's BIM page (Supplier of Archicad family of products) including an intro to BIM
  • IES VE IES Virtual Environment - Energy analysis and simulation tools
  • Trimble General software site
  • Vectorworks's BIM page

User Groups

Social Media Groups of BIM Interested People

Online Libraries of BIM Components

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