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BIM4SME has a set of rolling case studies available on its site [2017]


The lack of early MEP co-ordination detracts from what otherwise is a BIM success story at Mansfield College [September 2016]

Nick Tune, CEO of coBuilder UK writes on how the 'performance gap' is alive and well in BIM!! [August 2016]

Four Kingdom Street in Paddington applied some novel integration methods to simplify clash detection [July 2016]

'COBIE is already an outdated method of data management' writes Andrew Hunnel - followed by some comments from others [June 2016]

Step by step guide on applying BIM to a new building [May 2016]

David Philps writes on the day that the UK Level 2 BIM mandate comes into place [April 2016]

Ralph Montague argues that “pseudo BIM” is having a negative effect at precisely the time we should be encouraging true BIM adoption [April 2016]

5 Key Benefits of Using a BIM Execution Plan [March 2016]


Mayfield School Constructing Excellence in London and the South East Awards 2015, BIM Project of the Year Winner 2015 [2015]

BIM helps leading firm win and deliver AU$8.3 billion public rail project [2015]

Federal Center South, the Army Corp of Engineers regional headquarters in Seattle [2015]

Faro Focus 3d considers the application of Laser Scanning to a BIM project [2015]

A (snapshot of a) blog by Matthew Goodwin considers BIM and PI insurance having reviewed some current publications (linked in the document) [December 2015]

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is both a new technology and a new way of working. BIM is a term that has been around for a while in Manufacturing and Engineering industries, and is now prevalent in the construction sector HMP Oakwood Prison Case Study provides a real world application of various BIM tools to push 'beyond what most people think of as Level 2 BIM' [November 2015]

This article explores how geographic and geospatial systems impact on construction projects and the use of BIM. The interview with Anne Kemp, director of BIM strategy and development at Atkins and vice chair of buildingSMART, focusses on how geospatial data will transform BIM projects. [November 2015]

This case study of De Montfort University refurbishment plus new build relates the challenges of incorporating such large data sets into one model. [September 2015]

The article on the Francis Crick Institute - a 12 storey, 86000 square metre medical research facility near St Pancras station soon to be completed by Laing O’Rourke - shows how the numerous models from many different software authoring tools are being used as federated BIM to provide a long term solution to feeding information into practical building operation and maintenance. [August 2015]

Steve Hunt, a building services consultant based in Liverpool UK gives his opinion on 'Why is the building-services sector lagging behind in BIM?' [August 2015]

This report of the development of the White Collar Factory, in the city of London, considers how the output from different tools were successfully integrated so that using “BIM as a single point of reference … rather than using a disparate collection of multiple sources … in different software formats, helped save designers’ time and made design scheduling more efficient due to the easy extraction of data.” It employs BIM productively through into the operational stage of the building. [July 2015]

Wellington City Council in New Zealand are trying to automate moving data from BIM Preliminary Design/Tender and As-Built documents (data added remotely in Designers/Contractors offices), validating that data and then putting it into WCC Asset Management Information System (AMIS). Max Drake, Consultant at Wellington City Council introduces the work. [July 2015]

Engineer Andre Balasian from the M&E contracting industry considers the practicality of automatically producing info for O&M manuals using PDTs [June 2015]

Has BIM just got 'over complicated'? Read an opinion that explains ‘Three Worlds of BIM’. [May 2015]

This case study explores the software applied and the challenges for HOK integrating BIM - and provides some useful pointers for others. [April 2015]

Not so much a case study but a blog entry by BIMStore who argue that the use of generic BIM content perpetuates the potential dilution of the professionals' design intent at installation stage.[April 2015]

Building Information Modelling (BIM) pilot project -Meadow Road affordable housing scheme, Interim report [March 2015]

Goodbye BIM - Hello Digital by Ben Roberts of Hoare Lea discusses the negative image BIM has for many in the industry but considers how thinking “digital” rather than “BIM” can help us to view things differently. [March 2015]

The case study of the Cleveland Fire Brigade Project by Bond Bryan Architects illustrates the application of a 'federated' set of software tools to deliver a practically useful BIM [March 2015]

The follow up article provides an detailed comparison of real-world export/import of geometric data using 'open file exchange' seen as crucial particularly in light of the UK government announcement around Digital Built Britain BIM Level 3 [March 2015]

Craig Sewell lays outs some of the challenges for product manufacturers to produce meaningful BIM content. [March 2015]


New Houseblock and Education Facility Constructing Excellence in London and the South East Awards 2014, BIM Project of the Year Winner 2014 - Her Majesty Young Offenders Institute (HMYOI) Cookham Wood [2014]

BIMXtra – Springfield Primary School, Sale, Greater Manchester (Kier Construction) [2014]

There are GSL (Government Soft Landings) case studies that report on the trial projects in Manchester Town Hall Complex and National Measurement Office. [2014]

A brief, but interesting "5 things we’ve learned from our 'BIM on a BUDGET' project" is an account of setting out with BIM by Janet Beckett. [November 2014]

This describes the advantages of using a 'collaborative workspace' to integrate input from various tools into the BIM [November 2014].

The opportunity for application of information that is the core of BIM is explored in this article considering Manchester's Co-op HQ as part of a research project from Buro Happold and Loughborough University. [June 2014]

BIM for the Optimisation of Facilities Management: A Case Study Review produced by Reading University and Faithful & Gould provides an account of applying BIM to Birmingham City University development, considering levels of detail at each stage of the project lifecycle and lessons learnt. [June 2014]

2013 and earlier

William Perkins Church of England High School Constructing Excellence in London and the South East Awards 2013, BIM Project of the Year Winner [2013]

Atkins' BIM strategy for Liverpool's £130m wastewater treatment works

There are 10 case studies produced by Manchester City Council in autumn 2013….

- Manchester Central Library Demonstrates how BIM was used by the design and installation team to develop and coordinate an area containing complex and densely populated area of plant & associated infrastructure.

- The other nine (all available on this UK BIM Taskgroup page) include more specific tasks and the effect that BIM would have on the process (such as motor replacement, lamp replacement and lift repair) and the enabling through BIM environment with such project items as a novel design coffered ceiling and facilitating enhanced health and safety.

Lessons from the UK Ministry of Justice Early Adopter Project – Cookham Wood from three review sessions - initial pre-tender design; at the end of the review and selection process and with the Framework Constructors who tendered the project [Feb 2013]

Mott MacDonald have a number of BIM case studies linked to through their BIM page - one of the prominent projects being the London Olympics 2012 shooting events venue.

Various case studies from WSP These are selected entries from the internal WSP BIM awards in 2012/2013…

Ben Roberts of Hoare Lea wrote this article that cover the BIM aspects of the Bristol Royal Infirmary project.

Constructing excellance case studies including St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals; PalaceXchange; The Bridge Academy, Hackney; Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute; Oriel School [2010]


Autodesk have many case studies in various disciplines (including buildings and 'construction') BIFM - BIM case studies for asset and facilities management Podcasts and opinion about BIM technology and techniques


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