Case study of the use of PDTs in O&M manuals

Andre Balasian

I am a Chartered Engineer working in the M&E contracting industry as a mechanical engineer. I have a keen personal interest in new technologies and am often looking out for opportunities to implement new IT solutions in the building services industry in my own spare time.

The introduction of CIBSE’s PDTs has presented me with an opportunity to programmatically harvest equipment data for the purpose of automatically populating various fields within O&M manuals. The parts of O&Ms that stand to gain from this are: equipment schedules, details of spare parts and consumables, manufacturer contact directory, maintenance schedules, warranty information and regulatory compliance statements.

I have developed a blank template for an O&M manual containing thousands of individually tagged fields that can be automatically populated by a bespoke .NET program. The program reads the contents of individual cells within PDTs and automatically transfers this data into the corresponding fields within the O&M manual. Such an arrangement allows O&M manuals to automatically include detailed information about any installed equipment for which PDT data is available. It is also able to revise the O&M to reflect any changes to PDT data in the event of design variations.

I am also in the process of developing such automated templates for other types of documents commonly used in the M&E contracting industry, including: technical submittals, building log books, building user guides, life safety books, plant procurement schedules, schedules of equipment, tender breakdowns, part order forms and price enquiry forms.

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[June 2015]