CIBSE BIM Survey 2013

This is the output from the 2013 survey - see 2014 BIM survey output here

Here is an overview together with summary graphs of the main findings.

More competent The survey attracted input from those who believe they are far better informed than the previous survey undertaken in early 2012. The competence of the majority of this year's respondents was self-assessed as being that knew “more about BIM than most of their peers” - this could simply mean that a more knowledgeable bunch chose to answer the questionnaire or, maybe, the concepts of BIM are permeating deeper into the industry.

More activity There was an increase of over 50% in those who were actively involved in projects using BIM, with just over 40% of all respondents having been involved in BIM application for just a year. The range of software applications to support the work were broadened with the supplier dominant in last years survey sharing the market share with several other products that were identified as being applied to BIM. Nearly 80% of those employing BIM in projects were working to the UK Government's 'Maturity Level 2' or above.

More need For those that were not already involved in projects that utilised BIM the majority saw that it was either 'essential' or at least 'likely' to be needed for future success in the industry.

More leadership Overall there was, once again, a call for clear leadership in the standardisation and adoption of BIM with the vast majority looking for a library of generic BIM components for application in their work.

The main output from the data collected is given below ….