Level of Development (LoD)

(See also Level of Detail for comparison)

Level of development is the maximum amount of information and geometry that is authorized for use by others to ensure that there is a benchmark for the complexity of the data throughout the life-cycle of the project. The detail may be defined in terms of 'geometry' and 'information' needs.

Below is an indicative matrix showing how the different 'standard' Levels of Detail compare together with the representative graphical and information ARUP Grades of Detail that would be appropriate at each Level of Development

Project Levels of Description Example ARUP Grades of Detail for an Air Diffuser
Stages CIC Stage AIA RIBA Stage Geometry Information
Inception 1 100 A, B 0 0
Concept 2 100 C 0 0
Design Development 3 100, 200 D 11) 12)
3 200 E 2 2
3 200 F1 2 2
Construction 4, 5 300, 400 F2, G, H, J, K 3 3
Post Contract 6 500 L 3 4

See this external blog for a discussion of practicalities of application of LoD

1) , 2) 1|Not always modelled at these stages