The CIBSE BIM Group have developed BIMHawk - a free resource to enhance the production of PDTs and allow them to be easily integrated within BIM Authoring Applications

PDTs provide a simple way of fast tracking manufacturer product info into BIM. Learn more about PDTs, see the PDT FAQs or to see final published PDTs go straight to the PDTs on CIBSE's site

BIM is an acronym that has a number of meanings including:

The CIC explains Building Information Modelling (BIM) as …

an innovative and collaborative way of working that is underpinned by digital technologies which support more efficient methods of designing, creating and maintaining the built environment.
In essence BIM embeds key product and asset data within multi-dimensional computer models that can be used for effective management of information throughout the project lifecycle – from earliest inception through occupation. It has been described as a game-changing technological and cultural process for the construction sector.

BIM offers many opportunities to improve the quality and consistency of shared information, and improves communication and understanding between project members.

BIM, however, does not change everything but can be integrated into many current businesses practices although undoubtedly change is needed to fully adopt BIM principles.

The aim of this website is to deliver some core information to help understand BIM through brief consensus definitions and by providing ordered links to other web resources. It is important that you read and understand the intent of the site as shown on the disclaimer page.

To start the journey a quick guide to terminology associated with BIM is given on the glossary page.

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